“Make sense of it” is our sole game at the present. When it was first invented back in 2019 it received some interesting and refreshing support from friends and family. We discovered the name given to the game was the same as a fundraiser for the MS Society (Registered charity number: 1139257/SCO41990) .

This was motivation for us to carry out market research, it was the results from that which led us to have a number of games produced.

We have to date sold a small number and have managed to make donations amounting to £850.00 to makesenseofit fundraiser. We do not have a large marketing budget and are trying various ways to get the game better known and are confident we will with time.

We have no plans to make profit or income from the sales of this game and have committed to giving a minimum amount from each game to the society.

Please check out for yourself their website