Make Sense of It

Is a game that will uncover skills that you never realised you had. Your thinking will be against the clock and you will witness techniques from other players that you can adapt for yourself. It is a game that is full participation from the start and you could be contributing from the off.

The idea is to gain points on an outer circuit that will allow you to proceed on a racetrack that is central to the board. All of your journey there are tactic cards that can help you advance along the track and hinder others. There are advantage cards that get you out of trouble and win you additional benefits. Of course like most fun games there are hazards that bring you back to earth.

It is a full on game that anyone is welcome to adapt, but do not lose sight of the goal. Fun and laughter throughout especially when least expected. We say best for children 12 and above, but younger children have enjoyed and participated.

Four to six players is a good number and there is no reason players cannot play as a team.

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